India's 1st
Group Buying

Buy products along with a Group and
get never before prices

Have you ever looked at a product on your favourite store or E-commerce platform and thought to yourself –

I wish it was just a little cheaper” and not buy the product

Well, we always do this and this is why we are launching DealX,  a first of its kind “Group Buying Platform”

No longer do you have to wait for the stores to start their discounts, its now all in your hands.

Subscribe to our Group Deals and invite friends of yours to buy along with you and get bigger discounts

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How does it work?

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Explore different categories and products by clicking on them

Select the products you want by selecting the box next to it

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Submit your selections with contact information

Invite friends & neighbours to buy along with you

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Once minimum group size of 5 is filled we enable the Deal

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Why are we doing this ?

Personally, we love the idea of bargaining but are not really good at it.
One thing we noticed when our moms were shopping at stores was how they would tell the shopkeeper – “I’m buying so much, give me a better price” this led to the idea of DealX.

On DealX we get to combine our buying power with either friends or random strangers on the internet and get the best possible deal for products we like.

Join us in spreading the power of Group Buy.

Interested in being one of our 1st users?
Have any suggestions regarding products ?
Let us know


1. Will I be able to cancel my booking ? 

Yes. You can, you can drop us a message with your Name / Phone number and Item Name to this whatsapp number 7995025725 and we will cancel and refund your money in 24 hours

2.How does the product warranty work ?

We ensure that your billing is done directly to the company so you will be covered under warranty of the product

3. Is COD available ?

At this point, no. We are a very small group of people working on this idea. COD will lead to last minute cancellations and losses for us. We can only enable the sale from the brand if orders are placed.